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"I am passionate about empowering  people to recognize and walk in their capacity to live, thrive and succeed in life."

Many, if not all of us, want to live a meaningful, fulfilling and successful life. We want to be proud of the life we are building.  We want to build the life we were to created to live.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the rigours of life and you feel trapped in a cycle of unhealthy decisions that continue to cost you a happy and fulfilling life, I am willing to help you find clarity even in the midst of the chaos.

I believe that you have the ability to discover your own solutions but may have challenges doing so. Once you can resolve the feelings of uncertainties and insecurities, you can make the necessary lifestyle changes.

I believe that our thoughts affect our feelings, which affect how we behave and respond to situations.

Our stressors don't stress us out. Our perception of our stressors stresses us out. 

So in order to bring about positive changes in our situations, we need to adapt our unhealthy and unhelpful thought patterns. And once we can manage our thoughts, we can manage our lives.

I am willing to partner with you to support you on your journey to healing, growth and recovery. To help you discover the solutions to your challenges and to support you in resolving feelings of uncertainties and insecurities, so that you can improve your quality of life, live authentically and be empowered.

With over sixteen years combined experience in the fields of counselling, child protection, adult and juvenile justice , I have provided rehabilitative, and counselling services to children, youths, adults and families.

I work with children, young people, adults, couples, groups and families to assist them in navigating through issues related to parenting, adolescence, transitional adult issues, anger management, grief and loss, self-esteem, mental wellness and self-care, anxiety including high functioning anxiety, achieving a healthy work-life harmony, child abuse, trauma, suicide risk and safety planning, relationship and family issues.  

And I am happy to partner with you too!

There is no need for you to suffer in silence anymore. It's time to stop "just surviving"  and start, "thriving". It's time to reclaim your life and live fully again!

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Are you struggling to find harmony and connection in your relationship? Discover the Path to a Happy, Healthy, and Mutually Satisfying Relationship. If you're tired of navigating your relationship like a battleground, our Couples' Counselling Package is here to guide you back to a place of harmony and love. Our Couples' Counselling Package is a tailored journey designed to address the unique dynamics of your relationship and strengthen your connection.

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Begin the journey of unleashing your FULL potential by breaking free from the traps of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and anxiety. Achieve your goals with confidence, and authenticity, without compromising your mental wellness.

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Individual, couple and family counselling services to help you work through life's challenges to heal, grow and find fulfilment.

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We provide a curated, non-judgemental, empowering counselling experience that provides awareness, insight and clarification on how to healthfully navigate your challenges and improve your well-being.

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We provide psycho-educational training, seminars, and workshops tailored to your organisation's needs.

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Teletherapy or online counselling services are offered as an additional option to in-person counselling.

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The Promise is in the Process....Don't suffer in silence.

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"I am passionate about empowering  people to recognize and walk in their capacity to live, thrive and succeed in life."

Call or email for your COMPLIMENTARY  initial 30-minute consultation or to schedule a counselling session

My motto is, “The Promise is in the Process… Don’t suffer in silence”.

Throughout my personal and professional journey, I have learnt that while life is punctuated with difficult and debilitating circumstances, the challenges in our journey can be instrumental in shaping our character, building our resilience, and activating our capacity for purposeful living.

A significant part of our healing and growth, comes from speaking up and speaking out, as well as, making meaningful connections with persons who genuinely support us.

As a mental health professional, my desire to empower and serve people has been inspired by some difficult life experiences.

All things considered, “The Promise is in the Process”. These experiences have strengthened my faith in God, and inspired me to be a positive agent of change and rehabilitation in the lives of those whose social and psychological well-being have been compromised by unfortunate circumstances.

And I am happy to partner with you on your journey towards growth, healing and recovery!

I want you to imagine a life where you're living to your fullest potential and honing your capacity to live, thrive and succeed. Stress, worry and anxiety do not control you anymore.

You have healthy relationships, a healthy self-concept, and healthy boundaries.

You are empowered, assertive, and self-aware. You have a healthy mindset and prioritize taking care of yourself. You have a healthy work-life balance.

You are able to thrive inspite of hurt, pain, grief and loss.

You are able to manage your thoughts, emotions and self-limiting beliefs in a healthy way. You have peace of mind, a sense of hope, and healing.

The challenges will still come but....

You are able to face them from an empowered place.

This can be your reality! I am willing to walk alongside you on this journey as you work towards building the life you are created to live and improving your quality of life.

I will partner with you as move you from struggling to "just surviving" to thriving! After all, The Promise is in the Process... ;)

I possess more than sixteen years combined experience in the fields of counselling, child protection, adult and juvenile justice in Trinidad and Tobago.

My work experiences have allowed me to provide rehabilitative, and counselling services to children, teenagers, adults and families.

I love working with children, teenagers, adults, couples, groups and families to assist them in navigating through issues related to parenting, adolescence, transitional adult issues, anger management, grief and loss, self-esteem, mental wellness and self-care, child abuse, trauma, anxiety including high functioning anxiety, suicide risk and safety planning, relationship and family issues.

For seventeen years, I have also been serving my community by directing and co-directing youth enrichment camps annually.

Moreover, I have led multi-disciplinary teams, developed protocols and policies for supportive services and coordinated the management of these services for residential care facilities for at-risk children and young people in Trinidad and Tobago.

These are some of my most enriching experiences in working with people.

Having received professional training and qualifications at the Bachelor’s and post graduate levels in the fields of Counselling, Psychology, Social Policy, Human Resource Management, Guidance and Counselling, and continuing education in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  I am excited to work with you to caringly guide you along your journey towards recovery, growth and healing.

Let's Work Together!

"The Promise is in the Process...Don't suffer in silence"

There is no need to suffer in silence anymore...Let's Talk!

  • 4 Dookie Street, Penal, Trinidad and Tobago

My role as a counsellor is to support you on your journey of growth, healing and recovery. In our initial consultation call, I will ask you a few questions about the kind of support you are looking for and I will suggest some options for what counselling could look like if we worked together.

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When I first came into contact with Krissia, I was a very shy person who was going through ALOTTTTTTTTT and never talked about what or how I was feeling. I remember the first time we spoke, I felt so comfortable with the way how Krissia just made herself available to try to talk to me. At first, I didn't say much but she had a caring spirit about her that made it easy to open up and trust her. She was so calm in the way she dealt with me. When I called or said I wanted to chat with her, she would make herself available to just be there for me. Very trustworthy, and holds confidentiality to the highest degree. I like that she has a huge heart for young people and wanting to help people. I value the time she took to invest into my life. She is one person I would encourage anyone to reach out to for help.


I enjoyed the services received. I felt listened to, understood and at the same time garnered more self awareness about what I can do to develop more healthily. Krissia was very accommodating with sessions taking into consideration time and distance as we were able to conduct sessions online and was understanding when I had changes in time. She was always respectful and on time. I would definitely recommend this agency for persons who are not only struggling, but also just simply want a mental health check and to know if they're on course mentally and emotionally.



Struggling with anxiety is tough. It affects your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. If you don't take the time to understand what triggers your anxiety, it can affect how you treat people and take a toll on your daily activities. Since I've started counselling, I have learnt how to understand my triggers and the appropriate methods that can help when I'm feeling anxious. I take note of my physical symptoms, decipher how I am feeling and question my thoughts. I have learnt how to calm myself down using different breathing techniques when I'm in a situation where I don't have control. I have been in therapy with Mrs. Bynoe for almost a year now and I see how much more control I have over my anxiety rather than it having control over me.

Elizabeth Copeland-Maitland
Vice Principal (Ag.), Holy Name Convent, Point Fortin

As a part of our Convent Confidence Initiative, Mrs. Krissia Bynoe-David was invited to conduct a plenary session on the theme 'Self Esteem' with the students of Holy Name Convent Secondary School, Point Fortin. It was truly a pleasure to see the students' positive response to her energetic, motivational and interactive presentation! We remain grateful to her for sharing her expertise with us, and we look forward to welcoming her again in the future.



Krissia is very accommodating and keeps her clients informed and up to date. She implements modern day techniques / approaches and customizes to her client's needs. Her online presence allows for a very comfortable and convenient interaction. Highly recommended.



I wasn't here for a long time with my daughter but I must say it's been a very professional experience the little time we had with her. Keep up the good work!



Very good at what you do, attentive easy to communicate with and always made you feel comfortable..


Vandana Siew Sankar-Ali
Clinical Psychologist

Krissia Bynoe-David is a woman of passion and purpose - characteristics which govern all of the work she does and her interactions with others. I have had the pleasure of working with Krissia in the child protection sector for several years, and her work ethic is truly worthy of emulation. Krissia gives her all, she is deeply empathetic and committed to improving the quality of life of the vulnerable. She possesses keen analytical skills, is measured and meticulous and makes the most difficult decisions after much deliberation and consideration of a client's best interests. Krissia exudes a quiet strength and a spirit of conviction which are infectious! These make her an effective helping professional, both with individual and group work, but she is truly in her element when working with groups. Her experience with facilitation and personable character allow her to command attention, and deliver a topic with excellence while touching each person in the group. It is this personal touch that gives Krissia the edge over others. She is a patient active listener who can sit with you through your joy and sorrow and who can offer words of true comfort and hope. As a colleague and a Psychologist, she is equally caring and respectful, and her passion for helping people reach their maximum is exemplary! If someone needs to develop a skill, explore and process an area of difficulty, find the courage and inspiration to make the next step, unlock their potential or simply have a listening ear, Krissia is the one to get the job done!

Kashea Lewis
Guidance Officer 1, Student Support Services, Ministry of Education

I was afforded the rarest of opportunities to work with Krissia Bynoe-David. I felt privileged to work with Mrs. David as her level of service was one that was meticulous and professional. Or should I say professionally meticulous, that I was motivated to also be a worker that can boast of rendering service to our clients upon the wave of excellence. Mrs. David functioning in the field of social services was not just a job or duty, but a passion, as well as, determination to assist her clients at great lengths. Her capacity to employ creativity and dynamism to her work always ensured that she got the work done. Her drive possessed the capacity to draw fellow workers in rather than exclude. A true team player, as well as, a leader, one set in humility. I fully endorse any program or project initiated by her.